Debut novel to be released Friday, April 9th!!

My debut novel, Coming in from the Outfield will be available for EVERYONE to purchase and read Friday, April 9th! In anticipation of this exciting time, I asked one of my review team members what one of their favorite parts of the book was. This person said that this short paragraph really brought them into the main character, Lillian:

It doesn’t help that I’m the lone Forensic Accountant on the Audit Team. What’s that saying? Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? I started working for E & Y right out of grad school, and honestly, I do love it. Numbers seem to come easy to me, and finding solutions to issues is more “exciting project” than “monotonous drudgery.” Still—it’s work. In college, my friends called me the “cool nerd,” which was a step up from high school, at least, where I was just a “nerd nerd.” My roommates Yi and Stacey always complained about my ability to work late night’s bartending, party, and still pull a consistent 3.2 GPA. College was easy. Books are easy. People take time for me to understand.

To read more about this character, and much more, please click on the Amazon link below to purchase! Happy reading!